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The Prospect Pattaya

Updated: Feb 27

About the project

The Prospect Pattaya is a village project by Grand Paradise Villas Co., Ltd, a real estate developer with over 40 years of experience in Pattaya. The project is located in a great location and comes with a spectacular view of Pattaya city. The Prospect Pattaya has only 80 units on a total project size of ​​55 rai.

House for Sale in Pattaya

The highlight of The Prospect Pattaya is the emphasis on natural lifestyle and the design of the house. The design that is guaranteed by the Best Housing Architectural Design (Resort) (Thailand - 2019) award. The houses at The Prospect Pattaya are designed with regards to the weather conditions of Thailand and the geography of Pattaya city. The house is decorated in a modern tropical style, blending in with nature by decorating trees at various points inside and outside the villa. With a lush garden around the villa and the use of natural materials for the interior making this villa a truly tropical house. Design using timber fins on the exterior, taking into account the direction of wind and sunlight. The timber fins provide high privacy, blocking the neighbors view into the house, and also blocking the sun light hence keeping the inside of the villa from warming up.

Luxury House for Sale in Pattaya

There is a stunning view of Pattaya and Jomtien beach in the most spectacular sunset in the West side. This is one of the few village projects in Pattaya that comes with a beautiful view. The project is located on a hilltop about 40-60 meters above sea level. Each house will not be obstructed by the beautiful view because the project is built on a hillside area allowing the residents to enjoy the beautiful sunset view over the beach every evening.

House Types at The Prospect Pattaya

There are 3 types of houses at The Prospect Pattaya, all of which have the same land size of ​​165 sq.w. (660 sq.m.) However, each type has different living area inside the house. The houses are both ready to move in and made to order, which will take up to 12 months to build. In the future, there will be a VIP zone for homes in the price range of 100 - 180 million baht, which will be in the back zone and at the highest point of the project.


1-storey house has 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, with usable area 365 square meters and total land size of 660 square meters, and a starting price of 19.9 million baht. (Youtube review below the page provided)


The 2-storey house has 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, with a usable area of ​​393 square meters and a total land size of ​​660 square meters, and a starting price of 24.9 million baht.


2-storey house has 4 bedrooms 5 bathrooms, with usable area of 469 square meters and total land size of 660 square meters, and a starting price of 31.9 million baht. (Youtube review below the page provided)


The project is located in soi Toongklom - Talman near Sukhumvit road and it is located only 10 mins away from Jomtien Beach. There are many famous cafes, restaurants and bakeries in the area. Only 5 minutes away from Satit Udom Suksa School and Tara Pattana International School. This area is a popular residential area with many pool villa projects and large village projects located in soi Toongklom - Talman.

Any further inquiries regarding this project or any other condos in Pattaya, please contact us or click the link below to contact our agents at Luxury Property Expert, we will be delighted to provide any consulting services free of charge!

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