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Baan Panalee Banna Village Pattaya

Updated: Feb 27


Baan Panalee is a residential villa project with houses for sale in Pattaya, near the main area of Huai Yai, which is a growing community on the South East side of the city and a short drive from Jomtien Beach. There are numerous restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions, such as The Floating Market, Universal Pictures Aquaverse (waterpark) and Nong Nooch Garden. The area is continuously growing with more families moving to the area, as it is close to international schools, convenience stores, markets, cafes and the recently opened highway that connects the Jomtien area to Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Rayong and more. Not to mention the spectacular view of Baan Panalee Pattaya, the village is surrounded by small mountains with nature surrounding the village. Inside of the village is decorated with plants and trees, combined with the surroundings, giving the residents a sense of tranquility, as the winds are cool and the air is refreshing. The project is located next to a wide road making entry and exit easy and convenient for anyone commuting by car. Owners of properties in Huai Yai can anticipate the prices to rise in the near future as well, with more residential projects being built and small businesses moving to the area.

House for sale in Pattaya

About Baan Panalee Banna Village Pattaya

The houses for sale at Baan Panalee Banna Village Pattaya are single floor, with large garden, terrace and a swimming pool. The design of each property is modern mixed with a resort-style atmosphere that is ideal for relaxing and forgetting about the daily busy life in the city. The roads are wide and safe for children to bicycle or play around, as there is 24- hour gated security with security cameras and guards. Baan Panalee Banna has a clubhouse in the village with access for all residents, which feature a swimming pool, gym, kid's room and seating area for relaxing. Around the clubhouse, there is a small park area that is great for walking and exercising, or just to sit around and relax with the family. The project has trees placed throughout the facilities, which combined with the park gives the village a peaceful ambience.

About The Houses

As mentioned, every house in the village is single story, has a garden with terrace and a swimming pool. Additionally, walls are surrounded throughout the entire property of each house shielding any view from the neighbors which is a big advantage for residents who prefer a high level of privacy. The gardens at every home comes decorated with various plants and trees throughout the house. With a terrace situated at the back side of the house along with the garden and swimming pool. The house itself is made to have a cozy and homely feeling, with the use of neutral colors on the interior and warm lighting. Wooden furniture and 'built-in' decorated throughout the property. The living room and dining area with large tinted glass windows that faces the garden, which provides a great view and bring in natural lighting to the house. The tinted glass window blocks the heat from the sun, keeping the inside of the house cool. Moreover, insulation under the roof also provide heat resistance. The kitchens come with built-in kitchen and a kitchen island used for cooking and food preparations. The overall construction quality of the house can be considered to be quite high.

Price & House Size

The prices for a property at Baan Panalee Banna Pattaya range approximately start from 7.XX Million Baht. The land sizes at this price varies between 320 sqm and 458 sqm, while each house type has approximately 190 sqm as living area. However, order to build is available by the developer and changes can be made to house as the buyer sees fit, while still fitting in with the project theme and design.

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